Harbour BioMed Announces Approval for Phase I Trial of B7H4x4-1BB Bispecific Antibody in Australia


HBM7008 is generated from our unique and innovative HBICE® platform. It targets Tumor Associated Antigen (B7H4), mediated crosslinking T cell activation through 4-1BB. B7H4 is overexpressed on a variety of solid malignancies, including breast, ovarian, endometrial and non-small cell lung cancers. With its crosslinking dependent specificity on tumors and potent immune modulation activity, HBM7008 has shown excellent safety profile with strong anti-tumor efficacy in the pre-clinical study, including completed response observed in mouse tumor model.

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Hansa Biopharma announces positive early access decision by French Haute Autorité de Santé to use Idefirix® (imlifidase) as desensitization treatment for highly sensitized kidney transplant patients

LUND, Sweden, Feb. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hansa Biopharma AB, “Hansa” (Nasdaq Stockholm: HNSA), the pioneer in enzyme technology for rare immunological conditions, today announces that its first-in-class treatment Idefirix® (imlifidase) has been granted early access post marketing authorization (Autorisation d’accès précoce) in France by French HAS (Haute Autorité de […]