Health Union Launches First-of-its-Kind Social Health Network


The leader in social health, Health Union, has announced the launch of its Social Health Network, a broad-reaching community for patients, carers, and healthcare professionals with the purpose of bringing empathy, support, and compassion to the business. The Social Health Network builds on Health Union’s heritage of bringing people together via a shared experience of driving distinctive and powerful health dialogues, while also extending possibilities for health leaders to raise awareness, share information, and aid others.

The launch of Health Union’s Social Health Network is a big step forward in the company’s objective to assist individuals with chronic and complex disorders live better, benefiting both health leaders and the healthcare sector. Health Union strengthens its commitment to social health by merging the tremendous impact of Health Union’s established online health community model with WEGO Health’s Patient Leader Network.

The Social Health Network at Health Union provides opportunities for health leaders – a mix of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals – to participate in panels and networking events, as well as other external opportunities to amplify their voices and positively impact the healthcare industry. Participants will also get access to free online courses, webinars, and other resources in addition to these chances.

All of these tools and opportunities, as well as involvement and discussions, are available on and the community’s social media channels.

“Through our research and more than a decade of working closely with health leaders impacted by a variety of chronic and complex health conditions, we know just how influential their experiences can be on the health journeys of others”, “Launching the Social Health Network gives Health Union the ability to expand the power of social health while empowering patient leaders to use their voices in a way that will positively reshape the healthcare ecosystem.”

Amrita Bhowmick, Health Union’s chief community officer

For than 15 years, the Patient Leader Network has worked to elevate the patient voice across the healthcare business by bringing together a diverse collection of patients and caregivers who represent a wide range of health problems and subjects. All members will be immediately enrolled in the Social Health Network, which will continue to offer the same features and possibilities as WEGO Health while also introducing new ones with the addition of healthcare sector specialists.

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