Nihon Kohden Introduces CoMET to Help Detect Early Warning of Patient Illness Through Artificial Intelligence


The U.S. industry leader in precision medical goods and services, Nihon Kohden America, Inc., is pleased to introduce CoMET (Continuous Monitoring of Event Trajectories), a tool that can give an early warning of the likelihood of catastrophic clinical occurrences in the future. Through its acquisition of AMP3D (Advanced Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics and Displays, Inc.) last year, Nihon Kohden obtained CoMET technology. CoMET is able to forecast the likelihood of important clinical events in the future, such as sepsis, haemorrhage, cardiogenic shock, respiratory failure, and urgent intubation, among others.

Clinicians can use CoMET’s event trajectories as a visual tool to spot possible patient deterioration, track therapy effectiveness, gauge patient acuity, and control the right staffing ratios. Applying unit population-specific models allows for the determination of relative risk for crucial occurrences. These models, which are created using machine learning, use continuous waveforms, time series of patient test results, vital signs, and electronic health record data to produce predictions.

“We understand the growing challenges in hospitals and are committed to providing innovative solutions to empower clinicians and support exceptional patient care. Developing CoMET directly supports proactive decision-making for our healthcare guardians and the sustainability of better outcomes.”

Eiichi Tanaka, President & CEO for Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

CoMET continuously monitors data to find small physiological changes, which helps real-time decisions for managing and stabilising patients. The artificial intelligence application may also illustrate paths of decline and recovery and rank patients according to estimated risk of developing serious illness.

With more than 100 gigabytes of monitoring and waveform data, nearly 100 peer-reviewed publications, and the help of clinicians—including the co-founder of the HeRO® score—CoMET was created.

Nihon Kohden’s ongoing effort to serve the interests of everybody is supported by the functionality and integration abilities of CoMET. Beyond creating the first pulse oximeter in history, Nihon Kohden uses its 70-year history to raise the bar with game-changing innovation created for experts by experts.

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