MultiCare Partners with Zipline to Launch Drone Deliveries to Hospitals, Labs and Doctors Offices


In order to start the first commercial drone deliveries in the state, Zipline and MultiCare Health System, a not-for-profit healthcare provider in Washington, have joined forces. A variety of medical items will be delivered by Zipline’s electric, autonomous aircraft throughout the network of facilities operated by MultiCare, including hospitals, labs, and physician offices.

In order to serve facilities in the Tacoma region, MultiCare will first leverage Zipline’s quick delivery service. The drones will deliver a range of medical items, including as diagnostic kits, medications, and lab samples. The alliance aims to enhance patient satisfaction by giving MultiCare’s clinicians a quicker, on-demand delivery strategy.

“Making sure our providers have what they need, when they need it, is a critical part of providing affordable and accessible care to patients”, “We are always looking for like-minded partners who can help us improve the care we provide to the communities we serve in a sustainable and reliable way.”

Florence Chang, president of MultiCare

If left unchecked, urban last-mile delivery will significantly increase emissions and traffic congestion, according to the World Economic Forum. In comparison to traditional forms of transportation, Zipline’s electric fleet reduces emissions by up to 96 percent and eases access to healthcare. It also relieves traffic congestion.

Depending on regulatory clearances, Zipline and MultiCare plan to start making deliveries in 2024 and will provide service to Pacific Northwest residents for the next two years.

“Our instant delivery solution helps doctors create a better experience for their patients; no delays, missed appointments or unnecessary stress and hassle. At the same time, the healthcare system grows stronger, more reliable and more efficient”, “In many parts of the world, this solution is an integral, routine part of healthcare, and we’re proud to partner with MultiCare to bring the same standard to Washington.”

Keller Rinaudo, co-founder and CEO of Zipline

MultiCare has chosen Zipline’s immediate logistics system, joining a growing number of healthcare institutions that have done so. In operations spanning the United States, Japan, Rwanda, and Ghana, Zipline has flown more than 24 million miles and completed more than 335,000 deliveries. Along with Walmart and Toyota Tsusho, the business also collaborates with international governmental bodies and healthcare institutions. Currently, Zipline delivers a delivery once every four minutes on average. To discover more about immediate

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