Medisca is expanding strategic partnerships to improve patient access to much-needed medicines

Medisca has announced the expansion of a network of strategic partnerships designed to secure and stabilize global access to high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the manufacture of important drugs. The start of this mission marks USP Exclusive Thyroid Partners in 2021, which has now expanded to Progesterone USP (Special Micronized), Testosterone USP (Micronized), Diclofenac Sodium USP and Diclofenac Sodium Hydrochloride USP. ketamine USP.Medisca has seen a significant increase in demand for these APIs in recent years, citing a bottleneck in commercial drugs and demand for qualified and calculated products. Transparency is a key driver. By actively participating in strategic partnerships, Medisca strengthens its position as a trusted healthcare partner and driving force to ensure the supply of high quality products to the pharmaceutical industry. products and health care.
“We remain fully committed to promoting pharmaceutical compounding as a legitimate, effective, and indispensable solution for healthcare providers seeking to address drug supply challenges and provide new options for personalized patient care,”
“As such, we remain committed to building partnerships with leaders in the API manufacturing space, united by a shared pursuit of quality, consistency and value,”
Panagiota Danopoulos, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy & Innovation at Medisca.
To find the right partner, Medisca conducts extensive due diligence. This ensures that the highest quality requirements are met at the source. All partners undergo a rigorous testing program that includes proof of FDA registration, quality agreement, and testing to verify product quality. These tests include comprehensive USP synthetic testing, elemental impurity testing, residual solvent testing, and particle size testing for micronized products.These strong API manufacturing partnerships and close collaboration with government agencies enable Medisca to support market access for key APIs and meet the pressing needs of service providers healthcare and patients worldwide.
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