Olympus Launches VISERA ELITE III Surgical Visualization Platform


The launch of VISERA ELITE III, the newest surgical vision platform from Olympus Corporation, was announced today. It meets the requirements of healthcare professionals (HCPs) for endoscopic procedures in a variety of medical specialties. A single system, VISERA ELITE III, supports a variety of imaging capabilities that enable minimally invasive procedures such laparoscopic cholecystectomy and laparoscopic colectomy. Future software updates will advance surgical imaging technology and enable customised configurations that simplify the seamless integration of multiple surgical applications, lowering investment costs. In September 2022 or later, VISERA ELITE III will be accessible in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), as well as some regions of Asia, Oceania, and Japan.

“With VISERA ELITE III, we provide a best-in-class surgical visualization platform designed for multiple medical specialties and configurations, allowing HCPs to fully focus on the patient during surgery. By incorporating the technologies of its predecessors VISERA ELITE II and VISERA 4K UHD into one platform, VISERA ELITE III enhances the quality of endoscopic surgery, contributes to improved efficiency in the operating room, and hereby elevates the standard of care,”

Kanichi Matsumoto, Global Head of Surgical Endoscopy at Olympus

Just One System

The VISERA ELITE III system combines the 4K imaging function from the VISERA 4K UHD system with the 3D and infrared imaging functions from the VISERA ELITE II system. It also supports NBI2, an original observation mode created by Olympus, and fluorescence-guided surgery. The all-in-one system promotes consistency and boosts productivity in the operating room by giving surgeons a variety of viewing modes. On VISERA ELITE III, users can also create personalised departmental profiles for a variety of medical specialties, including general surgery, urology, gynaecology, ENT surgery, and more. The platform works with VISERA ELITE II endoscopes that are currently in use.

Growing Innovation in Response to Need

When new surgical imaging features are required, the platform supports software upgrades. It is no longer required to switch over entire surgical imaging systems to access the newest technology, which not only establishes a new standard and offers a high degree of flexibility, but also makes VISERA ELITE III an investment that is future-proof.

Enhancing Image Quality for Greater Focus

With its EDOF (Extended Depth of Field) feature and focus-adjustment mode for 4K surgical observation, the VISERA ELITE III system enables accurate endoscopic observations through continuous broad focus and seamless magnification. Additionally, it has the C-AF (Continuous Auto Focus) feature, which automatically changes focus in response to the movements of the endoscope and camera head. This enables crisper image capture from a distance as well as up close, reducing the stress experienced by HCPs during surgery and allowing them to focus on the patient and the result of the procedure.

In order to meet the expanding needs of hospitals, VISERA ELITE III combines Olympus’ decades of experience as a leading endoscope maker with Sony Corporation’s cutting-edge digital imaging technology. This has been confirmed through significant customer interaction.

To produce the most cutting-edge, open, and flexible surgical visualisation platform Olympus has ever offered to the market, Sony Olympus Medical Solutions, a joint venture between Sony and Olympus, honed every technology and image processing function exclusively for medical applications.

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